Michaela Büsse is a design researcher, editor and curator. Her interest spans speculative and experimental design practices, sensory ethnography, and philosophies of technology and ecology. Her practice is research-led ranging from text to film and installations to workshops. Currently, Michaela is a PhD candidate at the Critical Media Lab in Basel where she analyses design through the lens of human-material entanglements.

Prior to her PhD studies Michaela worked as a consultant and market researcher. She has a background in media, design and urban studies and was a post-graduate fellow at Strelka Institute’s The New Normal run by Benjamin Bratton. 
As an editor of Migrant Journal Michaela tests new approaches to combine artistic research with the editorial practice. Exploring the multiplicity of knowledge production and mediation is what drives her collaborations with media artist Konstantin Mitrokhov at ^ studio for xeno-design research, and performer and theatre maker Benjamin Burger at H0 - Institute for Metamorphosis.

Michaela regularly lectures and runs workshops based her research or involvement with Migrant Journal and other collaborations. She teaches critical design and media studies to both undergraduate and graduate students in Switzerland and internationally.